Technology Testing

Technology & Testing

At REPL-JOINTMASTER we are all engineers and scientists who live and breathe cable accessories. Our management team is made up of people who have spent their entire career in this business from manufacturing compounds, to joining cables, to designing kits. We come from all backgrounds and nationalities and have one interest only - in designing , manufacturing, and delivering the best possible cable accessory solution to our customers.

We therefore are familiar with the polymer science that goes into formulating and compounding heat shrinkable and cold shrinkable polymers and speciality chemicals. We have partnership with leading universities around the world in order to stay abreast of developments in polymer science and work together to introduce new features into our compounds. We then rigorously test these products in our internal laboratories before verifying these results at independent laboratories around the world.

At REPL-JOINTMASTER we have been testing our products at independent test laboratories for 20 years and probably have the largest catalogue of test reports in the heat shrink industry. We ensure that our products and kit designs meet and exceed the latest and most vigorous test standards.

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