Heat Shrink Tubing

What is a Heat Shrink Tubing?

Heat Shrinkable Tubing is a shrinkable plastic tubing used to insulate wires, providing abrasion resistance and environmental protection for solid and stranded conductors, joints, joints and terminations in electrical work. It can also be used to repair wire insulation or to bundle wire, to protect wire or small parts from minor abrasion, and to make wire entry seals that provide environmental protection. Heat shrink tubing is typically made from nylon or polyolefin that shrinks radially (but not longitudinally) when heated to one-half to one-sixth of its diameter.

Heat shrink tubing is manufactured in a wide variety of variants and chemistries, with the exact composition of each type depending on the intended application. From tubes with almost microscopically thin walls to thick-walled rigid tubes, each type has precise design and chemical additives that make it suitable to meet a wide range of environmental requirements. Heat shrink tubing is classified by its expansion ratio, a comparison of differences in expansion and recovery rates.

Benefits of Heat Shrink Tubing

Easy to use, heat shrink tubing offers many unique benefits, including:

Protection against abrasion, low impacts, & sharp cutting edges

Defense against water, chemicals, dust, & other intrusive contaminants

Organization of wires & cables into easy-to-handle bundles

Electrical & thermal insulation

Enhanced structural support for less strain on wires, connectors, & components

How to select the right size of Heat Shrink Tubing

Heat shrink tubing only shrinks as far as it is designed to. Therefore, a ratio of 2:1 means the heat shrink tubing reverts to a size that is half its current diameter. Similarly, other sizes, such as 4:1, 5:1, & 6:1, shrink only to the intended extent. Heat shrink tubing circumferences range from 1/16 of an inch to several inches; its standard length is 36 inches, although longer tubing is available if necessary.

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